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Where we’re headed in 2018

Some people make resolutions on New Year’s Day. Not us. We make reservations. It has become a bit of a tradition for us to sit in bed on New Year’s morning, sip mimosas and finalize vacation plans for the year. The best part of the day is when I get to click the, “complete booking” […]

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Teshhamitroy family picture

A Teshhamitroy family vacation

That’s right — Teshhamitroy. It’s our new family name for the week and includes the first two letters of all of our last names. We are taking our daughter, Meghan, and four college students on a family vacation to … wait for it … Branson, Missouri! Steve and I help lead the college ministry at […]

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Bringing back old-school family vacations

We are so impressed by our friends, Matt and Jennene Anderson, who still take their three kids on old-school family vacations. You know the ones – where you load the kids in the family truckster and drive across the country to explore new cities, visit National Parks, learn about history, and try not to make anyone […]

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Lessons I learned traveling with my mom

A guest post by Meghan Shrewsbury I think I was born to travel. My first trip (aside from the one through the birth canal) happened when I was only five days old. I flew on a plane from South Carolina, where I was born, to Nebraska to meet my grandma. I haven’t really stopped traveling since. My […]

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Nebraska’s Nicest Nine

A couple years ago, Steve and I took off on a 6-day journey to find out for ourselves if our home state lives up to its then new slogan, “Nebraska Nice.” We wrote about some of the nicest things we saw — calling them  our 2014 “Nebraska’s Nicest Nine.”  The list was compiled from the places […]

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