Lion head water fountain at Cody Park in North Platte, Nebraska

Trains humping and other fun things we saw on our trip through central Nebraska

Day 1 of our Nebraska trip with Steve’s parents began with a stop at The Village Pie Maker in Eustis, Nebraska. After learning the secret to making the best pie ever, we headed north to Cozad where we crossed the 100th Meridian. Having been on Interstate 80 a thousand times, we opted for the more […]

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Leaving I-80 for a better view

In case you didn’t know, I’m usually a get-there-as-quickly-as-we-can kinda guy. So when Ann told me that she and Meghan preferred to avoid the interstate on trips around Nebraska, I felt a little queasy. The thought of trailing long lines of cars and putting along behind slow moving tractors with no chance to pass made my palms […]

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